Who's Who in With Nine You Get Vanyr

The Nine Sisters, aka the Daughters of Reyah

Thea Gardner: Depressed, dumpy and divorced on Earth, on Domain she's got lingerie model good looks, the fabled Magic of the Two--and the ability to shapeshift into a feline. Watch out, though--this kitty bites.

Liz Devereaux: In her old life she was a government drone, weighed down by all the change she wasn't making. Now she's a mind mage with a fondness for ferrets--and good-looking immortals.

Anna Randall: One-time interior decorator--and serial monogamist. The Wishstone translated this Georgia peach into the hottest spellcaster in any part of the universe. Too bad she and the mother goddess of Domain both have a yentz for the same guy.

Frieda (Free) Talbot: Secretary from Iowa and total fangirl of the television show, Domain. Too bad Free can't quite distinguish between the good guy actor who played Vanyr Theron back on Earth--and the real life Vanyr putz who's putting all the wrong moves on her on a planet far, far away.

Marisol Santiago: Sexy. Spicy. Sultry. This Latina demigoddess is looking for a nice castle with a white picket fence and an A-list immortal to share it with. No Chosen need apply.

Pandora Keaton: Voted most likely to be hit by a runaway UFO. Her picture is next to "ditz" in both the Earth and Domain dictionaries.

Kait Williams: College student with a taste for theater arts--and over-the-top theatrics. Of course she's a warrior. She took Stage Fighting 101, didn't she?

Sarah Blake: Watch out for this shark with Laura Croft good looks and berserker 'tude. She's a butt-kicking chick who takes no prisoners--on or off the battlefield.

Brigid Lawrence: Former actress, singer and Seattle office manager. All perfect training for a demigoddess/warrior who's got a little something extra. And it's 150 proof.


Vanyr (the collective name and title of Reyah's boys)

Zakhar: The eldest son of Reyah. Back in the day he could change into anything--or anyone. But he died when a transformation went horribly wrong, a transformation helped along by Jagger, no less. But it's rumored the reports of his death were somewhat exaggerated. Only Domain's pigs know for sure.

Jagger: His picture's next to "hunkalicious" in Domain dictionary. Violet-eyed mind mage with a bod created for sin and a brain twisty enough to hide behind a corkscrew. Don't let a little thing like his being Reyah's executioner turn you off. He's just misunderstood.

Deryk: Mommy's darling boy and homicidal maniac. What more could a woman want in a man? Besides body armor and round the clock protection, that is.

Theron: All his life he's felt that Reyah loved his brother Derek best. He's right. She does.

Hawke: Looks like a Viking, acts like a jock. Favorite pick-up line: "Come up and see my magic lance." Favorite things: wine, women and espionage. Don't be fooled by this big guy's amiable exterior--his brain could hide behind Jagger's.

Conlan: Tall, dark and handsome. A fierce romantic, he has a fatal weakness for redheads. Especially ones with pointy ears.

Roarke: Mad, bad and dangerous to know--that's his rep and he's sticking to it. See entry under "white knight" in the Domain dictionary.

Fynn: Never met a tankard of ale he didn't like. Drunk or sober, he's the luckiest man in the history of Domain. Too bad he doesn't think so.

Aleks: Baby of the family and Reyah's pride and joy--after Derek, that is. Fortunately for Domain he's a good guy. A little lot strange, but good.


Reyah's Chosen: Mortals Reyah chose to grant immortality

Alfred du Marc: The Lord Protector of Reyah's citadel and her world. Reyah Chose him for a reason--a really big reason. She likes him much, much more than Theron too. But when a goddess likes you that much, you have to be extra careful who you like in return. And love's just out of the question.

Willem Leopold: Captain of the Keep's guards and the studliest dude in the whole citadel, if he does say so himself. And he does. Often. He's looking for a few good women, but the Nine Sisters may turn out to be more than even he can handle.

Gareth Weston: Seneschal of the Keep and adoptive father of a twelve-year-old daughter, Gareth has his hands full trying to keep Reyah's citadel running smoothly. Sometimes, though, he just wants to run away.

Donatien des Nuit: Reyah Chose him from among the players of a online computer game. After a few retrofits and a little nip and tuck, goddess-style, he cleaned up almost as nice as Jagger. But his brain's still set to Earth-time--not that he's noticed.


The Rest of the best

Reyah: Imagine your mother. Imagine your mother as a goddess, able to level mountains, re-route rivers, and bend time and space. Now imagine she doesn't like you best anymore. Then imagine her single and horny. Did we mention she hopes to open an Earth franchise at a convention near you?

Lydia Jambon: She looks like the Demon Witch Megeara. She's got the powers of the Demon Witch Megeara. But she doesn't have a clue how to use them, which is probably a good thing, because this bad actress gets really pissed when someone messes up her manicure.

Ember Weston: Gareth Weston's adopted daughter. Following Pandora as they chase a rabbit named George, Ember fell down something a lot worse than a rabbit hole. She knows her dad's the best knight in Reyah's Domain, but even Reyah's best might not be enough to save her now.

Vallenius: Being named the Chosen Wizard of the Keep at twenty-one isn't something Vallenius would've wished on his worst enemy. So how come it happened to him? The wizards under his command ignore him. A four thousand-year-old building talks in his head. And the Voice, who made him immortal, still insists on giving him magic lessons…in the nude.

The Voice of Reyah: There are perks to being Reyah's Chosen prophet. Immortality, for one. A crazy-ass guardian monk, for two. And you can insist on nude magic lessons whenever you want.

Keghan: The Mad Monk of the Shadowlands. If he starts to sing…run!

Isabeau: Queen of Seshmeel. She sees the Nine Sisters as role models.

Atlee: The Chosen captain of the Queen of Seshmeel's guards. After meeting his queen's new role models, he can feel gray hairs popping out all over his immortal head. But that's okay--Isabeau's next trick may have him clawing them out by the roots.

Lady Edytha Fitzwalter: The queen's companion. Edy takes a more pragmatic view of Isabeau's latest fad. Besides, Edy's rather fond of ferrets.

Lady Bettyna: Aka Marquisa Bettyna fil Romeral Uthriptenwald. She makes a very blonde ferret.

Lady Amorian Vashte: She's too smart to let Liz turn her into a ferret. At least, in this book.

Sejanus and Gwynian: The husband and wife team of Chosen wizards who protect the royal line of Seshmeel. Sejanus hopes for the best. Gwyn expects the worst. They're both right.


Waiting in the wings

Kalin: Reyah's ex. She put him away for a long, long time. She never wants to see him, ever again. But you know what they say about "never".

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